Há 30 anos registrando momentos, a Fotocine sempre foi referência na região da serra gaúcha, do click à venda de equipamentos e artigos fotográficos. Com 3 modernos e amplos estúdios, no coração de Caxias do Sul.

Revele suas fotos!!!…/id1321532310?mt=8&uo=4

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Mit der Fotobuchexpress24 App verewigen Sie schnell und einfach Ihre schönsten Bilder. Gestalten Sie mit der Fotobuchexpress24 App Wandbilder direkt am Smartphone oder Tablet, lassen Sie sich Ihre hochwertigen Fotoprodukte in 24 Stunden liefern.
• beste Qualität mit dem Fotobuchexpress24 6-Farb UV-Direktdrucker
• Schnell gestaltet, schnell geliefert: auch große Wandbilder sind schnell gestaltet und werden direkt nach Hause geliefert
• Bilder bearbeiten: legen Sie den Bildausschnitt fest und veredeln Sie Ihre Motive mit verschiedenen Filtern.

• Wunschgröße: bei den meisten Materialien ist die Größe zwischen 10 x 15 cm 110 × 240 cm frei wählbar
• Brillante Farben: höchste Auflösung und maximale Schärfe mit 6-Farb UV-Direktdrucker
• Schwebt an der Wand: mit der Profil-Aufhängung hat das Bild einen Abstand von 1 cm von der Wand und erhält dadurch einen schwebenden Look
• Auch für den Außenbereich: Alu-Dibond und Hartschaumplatte sind wetterbeständig und können auch im Garten verwendet werden

• Poster in Fotoqualität: wählen Sie zwischen den Klassikern Matt, Glanz und Silk oder den Effekt-Postern Metallic, Flex und Perlmutt
• Fine Art Prinz: Künstlerpapier von Hahnemühle als Certified Studio liefern wir optimale Qualität
• Die richtige Oberfläche: wählen Sie zwischen Baryta, Pearl und PhotoRag

• Hochzeit
• Geburt
• Reise und Urlaub
• Geburtstag
• Weihnachten
• und viele weitere

bei Fragen wenden Sie sich jederzeit an unseren Kunden Support.
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Buyble(바이블) : 동영상으로 검색하는 위시아이템

BUYBLE은 유저들이 함께 상품을 선별하고 진열하는 오픈공간입니다.

유투브나 TV에서 본 상품을 뭐라고 검색할지 난감했던 경험 있으신가요?
어렵고 불편한 상품 검색, BUYBLE이 동영상으로 쉽게 해결해 드릴게요.
동영상업로드로 쉽게 물어보세요.
많은 동영상을 공유할수록 더 편하고 즐거운 세상이 펼쳐집니다.

#다른 앱 없이 바이블 하나만
동영상 보다가 검색, 가격비교, 찰칵 그리고 친구한테 보내기까지.
몇 개의 앱을 동시에 사용하고 계세요?
BUYBLE에서는 한번에 다 할 수 있어요.

#완벽한 상품을 더 쉽게
저 상품 너무 궁금한데 뭐라고 검색해야할지 모르겠어요?
바이블에서는 동영상만 올리면 되요.
트렌디한 유저들이 당신의 상품을 찾아줄테니까요.

#동영상과 상품을 동시에
동영상을 보면서 관련된 상품, 장소 그리고 블로그까지 보여줄게요.
이젠 BUYBLE에서 한 번에 모아보세요.

#생생한 추천과 리뷰
마음에 드는 상품, 좋은 상품인지 아닌지 헷갈릴 때 있죠.
좋아요 수에 따라 더 나은 상품을 먼저 보여주니까 찾기 편해요.
그래도 헷갈린다면 댓글을 확인해보세요.

#담고 싶은 상품은 바로 저장
갖고 싶은 상품이 있으면 위시리스트에 담아보세요.
친구한테 공유하고, 구매하고 싶을 때에는 바로 구매할 수 있어요.

나만의 합리적인 쇼핑 가이드, BUYBLE…/id1287752938?mt=8&uo=4

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Craftacase LK

Create your custom case with your own photos ! More than 250+ models available. 3-5 days Express Delivery. Starting from $10.

Turn your most memorable moments in to a beautiful, unique smartphone cases. Now with the endless tools and features provided by Craftacase creating your own custom design phone case has become so simple.

More than 250+ phone models available.

Supported Models :
-iPhone 6s / 6s Plus
-iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
-iPhone 5 / 5S
-iPhone 5c
-iPhone 4 / 4S
-iPod Touch 4 / 5
-iPad Air / Air2
-iPad Mini/Retina
-iPad 2/3/4
-And many more

Import photos from multiple networks.
All your photos in one place. Photos can end up in various online sites. So, it will be hard to keep track. To better manage your photos, Craftacase lets you import photos from multiple networks like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and Picasa.

Text Tool
Browse through the fonts library and customize by adding colors and patterns. It also lets you adjust the opacity and shadow. Change the text alignment and vertical/ horizontal space.

Pre – Define Templates
More than 500 different templates to match you unique style. You can easily add your own images to the templates and add you own text to enhance the idea on it.

Vast Collection of Patterns
With the vast collection of patterns given by Craftacase now it’s pretty easy to make you own case for different occasions. It contains patterns for Valentine, Christmas, Halloween and etc. Not only that with the pattens specifically design ‘for her’ and ‘for him’ making a case for you loved one is so easy.

Add Multiple Photos
With the layouts given by Craftacase now it’s pretty simple to add multiple images to create a single customize case. Simple select the layout you need and make a collage of you own images to showcase you beautiful memories.

Have a question ?
Email us :
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Twitter :…/id1304335884?mt=8&uo=4

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Artra is a palindrome of the word art. The letters are the same when reading from either direction. Much like art, viewing the same work
evokes a different reaction depending upon how, when and with whom you experience it. Curiously, the same work of art, viewed by the same person at different times, may induce different reactions –
both reflexive and projective. Artra thrives at the intersection of the visceral and experiential, connecting collectors worldwide to a vast spectrum of unique, rare and beautiful art.

By rigorously researching the provenance, authenticity, condition, and legal title of each work of art, and through our global relationships with collectors, advisors, galleries, art fairs and museums, Artra offers significant value to collectors – whether buying or selling art.…/id1269435402?mt=8&uo=4

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选择嘀拍,we love here…/id1281476725?mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2017-11-01 18:28:19
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Canon Photo Print Shop

Easy to use app for a great range of photo prints, gifts and more.
Your stories are unique to you. Keep, share and enjoy your stories with the Canon photo print shop app. Enjoy high quality printing and speedy delivery directly from your mobile or computer.

– Bring your stories to life. Touch and feel your images, make them real. Canon’s photo printing app gives you this and more, with so many ways to tell your story.
Unique to you. Print your story on to cushions, canvas prints, mugs – just some of the great range available.
– Order from the app. Quick and easy to use, the photo printing app is available for iOS.
– Easy to use. Using the app is so intuitive. With useful sizing and cropping features, you’ll create great gifts and prints in moments.
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Från krumelur till konst

doodlespot är helt nytt sätt att hylla ditt barns kreativa utveckling och samtidigt fylla ditt hem med unik konst. Ladda ned doodlespot och skapa snygga och originella tavlor till dig själv eller dina nära och kära.

Ny personlig inredning och inga fler bortglömda teckningar på hög!

Med doodlespot sparar du enkelt dina barns alla teckningar på ett och samma ställe. Fota av favoritteckningen och välj bland våra unika designmallar efter eget tycke och smak. Konstverket trycks sedan på miljömärkt papper av högsta kvalitet och levereras hem med träram av bästa kaliber.

Fota av ditt barns senaste chefd’oeuvre till teckning. doodlespots unika bildhantering hjälper dig att få till den bästa möjliga kvaliteten. Bilden sparas automatiskt i galleriet. Nu kan du börja designa den till en riktig tavla!
Välj bland våra unika designmallar. Låt doodlespot skapa magi med ett enkelt tryck eller finputsa din doodle själv. Här kan du även lägga in text och annat smått och gott. Innan du beställer så väljer du ram och storlek på din tavla. Sen är det bara att rulla tummarna i väntan på leverans!

När tavlan väl landat innanför ytterdörren är det dags att börja bråka med övriga familjen om var ert nya mästerverk ska hänga! Alternativt slita fram presentpapperet och säkra den ultimata gåvan för dina nära och kära.…/id1257677397?mt=8&uo=4

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Tramite questa app puoi stampare le fotografie presenti nei tuoi dispositivi ricevendo le stampe direttamente a casa. Oltre alle stampe potrai ordinare altri prodotti. Potrai inoltre seguire lo stato dei tuoi ordini di AZEROprint direttamente dall’app.…/id1295180177?l=en&mt=8&uo=4

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Updated: 2017-11-17 07:28:10
Version: 1.1.1
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Color – Shop With Color

The human eye can perceive over one-million colors. The typical online store only gives you twenty color options. Use Color to search for clothes and decor with infinite color precision.

Take a quick picture within the app and within two seconds you will be able to sort through thousands of items that are the perfect match.

There is a difference between “blue” and “teal”. There is even a difference between “dark teal”, “light teal”, or “extra light teal”. With the Color app you can use your camera, instead of unclear words, to find the perfect match.

It’s free and no sign-up is required. Give the app a try today!

Features include single color search, double color search, accent color search, pattern search, and color scheme search.…/id1287833212?mt=8&uo=4

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