АртЛайн Медицинская одежда

ArtLine – продажа и производство модельной медицинской одежды.
Стильная медицинская одежда. Постоянно обновляемая коллекция: более 100 моделей, 60 цветов и оттенков. Торговая марка ArtLine больше, чем просто комфортная одежда – это настроение в цвете. Имеются представительства в регионах.


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Farmacias Lanús

Con Farmacias Lanús podrás realizar pedidos a cualquier farmacia del Colegio de Farmacéuticos de Buenos Aires Filial Lanús directamente desde tu celular. Simplemente escaneá la receta que necesites, seleccioná una farmacia cercana a tu domicilio, posición actual u otra zona, confirmá tu pedido y listo!
Olvidate de las colas y las esperas para conseguir medicamentos, ahora la farmacia se acerca a vos.


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欧洲药妆专业海淘APP。精选大牌商品,保证正品、低价;资深小编精选,为大家推荐高性价比的商品。 ivan——专做欧洲药妆代购的APP。


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Topology Eyewear: Custom-fit glasses

If your glasses pinch, squeeze, or slip, they don’t fit you. Because they weren’t made for you. Topology offers premium, custom-fit glasses for the same price as stock eyewear. Get the Topology app, and look, feel, and see better than ever.

Your Topology glasses will be custom-made to a 3D model of your face, from the best materials and highest quality lenses available. Our brand-new and totally unique process ensures a perfect fit for every face, guaranteed, or your money back.

Getting the world’s best fitting glasses is easy:
• Take a video selfie using the Topology app
• Relax, as our 3D technology auto-fits our frames to your features
• Select styles in acetate or stainless steel and a range of colors
• Choose between clear, tinted, mirrored, or transition lenses
• Share your new look with friends
• Checkout faster with Apple Pay
• Choose your prescription type: single vision, bifocal, or progressive

Each set of lenses comes standard with scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, and hydrophobic coatings. High index material is also included at no extra cost if you need it. Blue light filtering and polarization are also available on request.

Your custom Topology glasses will arrive in a few weeks and fit perfectly, just as you designed them. If they don’t or if they need to be returned for any reason, let us know. Our Perfect-Fit Guarantee gives you 30 days to send them back for a replacement or full refund.


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