Encontre informações de empresas, promoções e descontos especiais na sua cidade.
Guarde suas notas fiscais para consulta futura.
Guarde seus dados pessoais e informe às empresas conveniadas de forma rápida e prática.…/id1293304920?mt=8&uo=4

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Klub Bytom

Już dziś nie ma potrzeby nosić ze sobą karty BYTOM KLUBU lub pamiętać jej numeru.
Podczas zakupów wystarczy pokazać swoją wirtualną kartę w telefonie.
Dzięki aplikacji można błyskawicznie sprawdzić ilość zgromadzonych złotówek (rabatu wartościowego), historię zakupów oraz dokonać zmiany swoich danych kontaktowych.…/id1282105783?mt=8&uo=4

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NOWNOW Recharge, Bills, Wallet

NOWNOW welcome you to a world of 100% secured transactions. Do what you need in seconds and enjoy rewards for every single transaction in Nigeria.

• Do mobile recharges quick and at ease
• Pay bills in seconds
• Send or receive money without hassle
• Request money from friends and relatives
• Enjoy cashback and discount coupons on every transaction
• Splitting payments with friends now easier
• Pay with ease at merchant outlets where NOWNOW is accepted
• PCI-DSS Compliant means your transactions are fully secured
• Hassle free transaction in seconds
• Stay on track with free transaction notifications


• Provide your mobile number
• Get verified automatically or via OTP
• Create a profile and set mobile PIN
• Login, transact and enjoy rewards on mobile recharges, bill payments and more

With NOWNOW, you have everything you need to transact in one place. And to learn more:

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CASF SP Club é um aplicativo que reúne todos os seus benefícios, descontos e promoções em um só lugar. Com ele, você aproveita ao máximo as vantagens oferecidas pela sua associação profissional de forma fácil, rápida e onde você estiver.

– Acompanhe em tempo real as melhores promoções em diversas categorias.
– Economize tempo e dinheiro aproveitando as ofertas no aplicativo.…/id1275669085?mt=8&uo=4

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Qmall 為一套專為企業會員所設計的整合性的福利商品搓合交易系統,會員可透過這個搓合平台來出售或是購買所需要的福利商品.



多螢一雲: 支援行動設備,會員可自用專屬設備。





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The ineda Pty Ltd app will enable buyers to post their need for a product or service. Then extensive list of providers will have the chance to bid on the right to win your business.

The ineda app supports a simple & easy to use interface that promotes price transparency and consumer empowerment. You are comfortably in control of the process, while suppliers do the bidding.…/id1235788589?mt=8&uo=4

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