Linen and Linens

Linen is a natural fiber that traces its link from ancient times.Its extraordinary strength facilitated the sailors to use it as thick anchor ropes in the ships in the olden days.The medical fraternity all over the world derive the name “hospital linen” due t o its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property.The Egyptian mummies were wrapped in the linen fabric due to the medicinal property of the linen fabric.

The modern world also acknowledged the advantage of the linen fiber in various other fields. The capacity of the linen to absorb the moisture is unique and helps the body to adapt all climatic conditions. Linen also helps to protect the skin from ultra-violet rays.Being a natural fiber, Linen is Eco-friendly, durable and comfortable. The natural sheen of this fiber enables it to get softer with every wash.

Linen from European origin is well known all over the world due to its finest quality and durability.We at “Linen and linens” also appreciate this unique feature of European origin and successfully utilize the yarn in all our high quality products.Our product includes Apparels ,Home furnishings, and fabrics in linen are classic examples for its quality ,durability and style.

The innovative designs with changing fashions are applied by our designers at Linen and Linens. This makes our products more appealing and exquisite.…/id1293177496?mt=8&uo=4

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