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Fruit Bouquets by 1800Flowers.com

Welcome to the Fruit Bouquets iOS app! Now fruit delivery is easier than ever before with everything from fruit arrangements to chocolate covered strawberries, in just a few clicks right from your iPhone!

Here at FruitBouquets.com℠, we’re a lot of fun, a little bit quirky, and most of all, we’re passionate about embracing our fruits… er, roots (see what we did there?) with deliciously different creations made from fresh, high quality ingredients.

Download our fruit app and enjoy exclusive features like…
• App only discounts and sales
• Streamlined browsing, making shopping simple and easy
• Completely secure checkout with encrypted purchases
• Access to your account anytime, anywhere

Birthdays. Holidays. Get togethers. Just because. We could go on & on about all the reasons there are to enjoy our fresh fruit arrangements or gourmet chocolate dipped fruits-so let’s! Backyard barbecues, picnics, housewarmings, baby showers… well, you get the idea. We love to keep bringing you new & truly original gifts to share with all the people who make life worth celebrating.

Upcoming Occasions Perfect Fruit Bouquets:
• Easter (April 16, 2017)
• Mother’s Day (May 14, 2017)

Delivering smiles is what we do. In fact, we’re passionate about providing you with a terrific experience. If not, we’ll make it right. Guaranteed. So whether you’re looking to add a unique & refreshing treat to your next party, or surprising someone with a one-of-a-kind gift, we’ll make sure whatever you pick out is as fresh & delicious as it should be, every single time.


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ShoppingBud – Price Check

ShoppingBud helps you get the best price by allowing you to compare prices in your locality and online and notify you when your favourite products are on sale at a reduced price. Perfect for expensive items like Nappies, Dog Food, Washing Powder etc. It really saves to shopping around. It’s the ideal price comparison app to help you get the best value for your grocery shopping.

• Price Check – Just scan the barcode to check what the price is in other stores.

• Track Price Changes – You can easily see what the price history and trends are for products you buy.

• Price Watch – Get notified when your favourite brands are on sale.

• Find The Best Deals Right Now – Quickly see what products are on sale and how much cheaper they are.

• Save Important Receipts – Never lose a receipt again. Just snap the receipt and quickly search for it when you need it.

• Find Nearby Stores – Perfect for when you are visiting or moving somewhere new.

• Shopping Lists – Create and manage your shopping lists.

• Loyalty Cards – Save your loyalty cards in one place and lighten your wallet.

Note: This app is available in the UK and Ireland only currently.


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ShopX Go

ShopX is a game-like loyalty platform for restaurants and cafes. You simply go to a place that uses ShopX and the cashier will ask for your phone number and then your invoice will be turned to points and a notification will be sent to your phone.
Using ShopX Go you can check how many points you have in every store and the more points you get, the more free products you unlock from this store, which can be redeemed easily with 5-digits code.
We are now mainly serving Egypt and soon will be expanding to other countries.
Shopping is now a game .. Get Ready!


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Updated: 2017-09-07 20:44:33
Version: 3.1
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Localy קניה & מכירה בקרבת מקום

Localy היא אפליקציה חינמית המאפשרת מכירה וקנייה יעילה של מוצרים שאינם בשימוש לנמצאים בקרבת מקום.

האפליקציה מראה את המרחק המדוייק של המוצר ממיקומך, מאפשרת לך ליצור צ’אט עם המוכר, לנהל משא ומתן תוך שמירה על פרטיות מוחלטת.

עשה כסף קל במכירת מוצרים שאין בהם שימוש נוסף עבורך:
בעזרת Localy, תוכל למכור במהירות ובפשטות כל מוצר שרק שתרצה, כל שעליך לעשות הוא לצלם את המוצר ובלחיצת כפתור לפרסם למכירה.

קנה מוצרים במחירים המתאימים לכל כיס:
צור צ’אט ישירות עם המוכרים, קבע פגישות לוקליות, בחן את המוצר על כל היבטיו, ורכוש אותו.

האפליקציה כוללת קטגוריות רבות ומגוונות כגון – רכבים, נדל”ן מוצרי חשמל, ספורט, אופנה, אביזרים לרכב, ילדים ותינוקות, פלאפונים, טאבלטים ועוד.

פרטיך האישיים ישארו חסויים ולא יעשה בהם כל שימוש למטרות פרסומיות.

הורד עכשיו את Localy והצטרף לקהילה.


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