Outgrown: Buy and Sell Kids Clothes Locally

OutGrown is a local marketplace that allows you to Buy and Sell all of the stuff your kids have outgrown.

No Shipping Necessary! Get your item as fast as the day you ordered!

You’ll be able to find amazing deals at over 90% off the retail price on well-known name brands like Matilda Jane, Mini Boden, Melissa & Doug, and more.


As much as we’d like our children to remain our little girl or boy forever, they all eventually grow up. And they all outgrow their clothes, their toys, and everything in between… Leaving us with a house full of items we no longer use.

With OutGrown, you can shop the homes of other local parents who have a house full of items that are perfect for the stage your children are currently in.

Oh, and do it all while browsing on your smart phone!


Snap a picture of what you want to sell

OutGrown makes it super simple to list items. You simply take a picture of the kids item(s) you wish to sell. Add a title and
description. Enter the price, and voila… Your item is now listed to the entire OutGrown marketplace of parents who are looking for exactly what you’re selling.


Sell with OutGrown

After you list your item, you’ll automatically be able to accept payments via credit card. When someone purchases your item, the money is deposited directly into your OutGrown account, which you’ll be able to withdrawal directly to your bank account at any time. And not only that, but there is no shipping involved!

That’s right, you don’t have to package up your item, drive to the post office, stand in a busy line with your kids, just to get rid of
items your kids no longer use. After you sell your item, the buyer simply picks it up from your front porch at the day/time that you
agree upon. It’s really that simple!


OutGrown is safe and secure

We understand that safety and trust are important to you. You are fully protected every time you place an order on OutGrown. We collect the payment(s) on the seller’s behalf. The seller receives their earnings only after you receive your item. Get what you bought, or we’ll personally refund every penny. We have policies in place to protect you on OutGrown.


Find brand name products at rock bottom prices

We’ve all heard the phrase, “They grow up so fast”. And it’s so true. At OutGrown, this works to your advantage because the vast
majority of items sold on OutGrown were only used a few times… because children simply outgrow them before they actually appear used. You’ll be able to find the perfect clothing, toys, and accessories for your children, no matter their size or age. And
at rock bottom prices that stores simply can’t afford.


Meet parents in your local area

OutGrown was created to help facilate community between parents going through similar stages of life. Parents who likely have
children the same ages. Who have similar likes and dislikes. You’ll be able to easily connect with other like-minded parents
and help your kids make new friends along the way!


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Groupon Asia – Deals, Coupons & Shopping

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With the Groupon Asia iOS app, you can:

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Put down the coupon book and pick up the Groupon Asia iOS app—your ticket to explore the best each city has to offer at savings of up to 70% off.


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媽咪愛- 嚴選寶寶和全家人的好物

*** 媽咪愛榮登 App store 精選最佳新 App ***
*** 最多媽媽五星好評的母嬰團購購物平台 ***
*** 最受台灣媽媽信任的 App,邀您與 30 萬爸媽一起陪伴寶寶成長 ***
*** APP 獨享 – 首次下載並登入拿 $100 折價券 ***




育兒疑難雜症不用等,我們累積超過 60 萬筆育兒問答在討論區,從懷孕到選擇母嬰用品,從生產到孩子教育,您都能簡單透過貼文,即時與線上爸媽一起討論互動。

* 付款方便且多元:您可依據商品特性,選擇使用 ATM 匯款、信用卡、貨到付款、或超商取貨等方式。

* 正品保證與七天鑑賞:我們杜絕仿冒,所有商品都來自原廠正品,我們提供七天鑑賞期,以供您試用並退換貨。

* 暖心的售後服務:我們提供清楚的商品出貨進度,您能透過客服詢問商品問題或購物流程,我們誠心提供您完整的售後服務。

* 優質產品與實惠價格:我們精選歐美日韓同步流行及台灣的知名品牌,讓您買得愉快又放心,不論是母嬰用品、孩童玩具、生活食品、親子旅遊或童裝服飾,您都可用合理的價格找到優質的商品與體驗。

※ 媽咪愛 新手爸媽諮詢站: https://www.facebook.com/mamilove.com.tw/
※ 媽咪愛團購: https://www.facebook.com/mamilovebuy/
※ 媽咪愛 玩具繪本 & 親子旅遊大推薦: https://www.facebook.com/mamilovekid/
※ 媽咪愛 質感生活選物: https://www.facebook.com/mamiloveliving


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Pet’s Talk寵物概念館

Pet’s Talk供方便的手機購物.打造專屬於您與寵物的線上商店,購物付款超便利 精心挑選寵物天然零食 生活用品,玩具 資訊詳細,樣式齊全 簡單購物快速結帳隨時寵愛毛小孩

*加入會員超方便,手機門號可輕鬆加入會員 輕輕鬆鬆掌握最新商品資訊與優惠活動.


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服務內容: 牛仔褲,上衣,褲子,外套,羽絨,裙子,配件
簡單易懂的操作介面,手機付款快速又安全-使用SSL128 bits最高安全等級加密信用卡快速結帳


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*加入會員超方便-手機號碼 臉書帳號都可以輕鬆加入會員
*24H 購物不打烊 超商取貨付現很安心,還有高等級加密系統 付款結帳方便又安全

“天堂1881時尚手作” Facebook 人氣度超高粉絲團。
與我們一同Sew Fun,Sew Easy

Just download our app,and choose sewing materials with your FB account or cell phone number,we will mail it to you. Service area:Taiwan


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Designed in Miami and manufactured Worldwide, FITMAMA creates athleisure pieces with the modern woman in mind: she runs a house, she runs a business, she runs after her kids and looks great doing it!

Each step in the production process is carried out with love. From carefully designing the pattern to developing the print and style of each product. So the little red hearts all over the pants, packaging and corporate material? That’s because with every FIT MAMA item you acquire you get a little piece of my heart

FITMAMA strives to offer the most convenient shopping experience possible for our customers. Now you can buy our amazing products and connect with FITMAMA wherever you are with our mobile app!

App Features:
– New app design
-Browse and buy our products
-Watch newest FITMAMA videos
-Preorder select items
-Use ApplePay for checkout
-Information about us


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Giày Chọn

Giày chọn là cửa hàng Online chuyên bán giày nam việt nam xuất khẩu. Cam kết chỉ bán hàng VNXK Chính Hãng.
Đến với giày chọn quý khách sẽ được tận hưởng dịch vụ cũng như quy trình bán hàng tuyệt vời mà chưa shop bán hàng online nào có được.


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The world of RewardPlace – Applify Loyalty Reward Benefits
Penefit is a RewardPlace for brand lover to convert loyalty/reward cards into mobile app that come with an iPentity (Universal identity). Brand lover (Penefiter) can now ‘store’ multiple brands cards into mobile phone. Hence never miss any single reward given by your favour brand. Help to preserve the environment and say NO to plastic cards, stamp paper, forgotten or lost cards!

Brand owner use Penefit to run customer benefit rewards (customer loyalty program) on cloud with mobile/web as connecting medium. Support reward points, stamp, membership, cash back, vouchers, coupon, all types at the same time.

+ One time registration to get universal identity
+ Scan to join new brand reward program
+ One app for all brands
+ Instantly get rewards
+ Real time update and check available rewards
+ Environment friendly
+ No worry of losing physical card or stamp card
+ Receive offer / promotions by your favour brands
+ No bulky wallet

BRAND OWNER (Merchant)
Thru various dynamic reward activities, brand owner can build stronger bonding with brand lover. An applify cardless system make social rewarding possible hence further increase brand engagement.

+ Run loyalty program or rewarding internationally with ease
+ Run multiple reward program at the same time (cash back, point, voucher, stamp chop, membership, coupons)
+ Cardless system (reduce cost on printing machine, data entry, postage fee, etc)
+ Multi-currency supported
+ Personalize rewarding
+ More secure on giving reward, hence reduce fraud case (fake stamp)
+ Increase brand lover engagement thru social activities
+ Support chain shop or single outlet
+ Support hybrid model or coalition model
+ User access control
+ Real time reporting
+ Marketing tools for new offer update
+ and more …

Create merchant account at: http://web.penefit.com/merchant/signup/page

Website: www.penefit.com
Enquiry: hello@penefit.com
Bug Report: team@penefit.com


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