Pop’s Mobile

Pop’s Mobile puts convenience in the palm of your hands! If you are a Pops Pass Rewards member, view your rewards and save more money with our deals. If you are not a member, this app will give you access to everyday in-store savings.

•Deals – Save money with deals at Pop’s stores.
•Places – Find all of our locations for more savings and rewards.
•Rewards – You could earn mobile rewards for checking in, plus track store loyalty rewards.
•Feedback – We value your feedback! Give in-app feedback directly to the people who make the decisions.

But this app offers more than savings and free stuff. It’ll help you discover your next favorite restaurant or hotel. Or that roadside attraction the kids will always remember. We’ve made it easy to search, map, and learn—as well as save—all in the same app.

We think you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll want to tell your friends—so we made it easy to share info on deals and rewards through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Download the Pop’s Mobile app today!

Note: Savings and reward content is available at Pop’s locations in South Carolina.


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Version: 5.7.0
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全球最大中国代购 – Panli 代购登陆 App Store 啦!

上海番丽电子商务有限公司旗下的「Panli 代购 (www.panli.com)」是全球最大最专业的中国代购平台, 专为海外华人代购中国商品, 并提供验货、配送、售后一站式服务。
现在下载 Panli 代购 App, 您也可以买到喜爱的中国商品, 享受 Panli 提供的便捷代购和运送服务!

1. 多种方式挑选您喜爱的中国商品;
2. 第一时间掌握代购商品进度,了解物流信息;
3. 「拼单」,「拼邮」等特色频道入驻手机 App, 让您省更多;
4. 在社区中, 可与全球华人一起分享败家战利品、购物经验、搭配秘籍、他国奇闻.

官方微信公众号: panlidaigou


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The RealReal – Buy+Sell Luxury

The RealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment marketplace where you can buy and sell luxury goods from top designers across women’s and men’s fashion, fine jewelry & watches, fine art and home.
Shoppers enjoy up to 90% off retail prices and sellers earn up to 70% of the sale price of their items. The RealReal offers international shipping to 61 countries.

All items for sale on The RealReal are warehoused and authenticated by an in-house team of luxury experts including certified gemologists, horologists, apparel specialists and handbag experts. Each item is 100% guaranteed for authenticity. Returns are accepted for apparel, footwear, jewelry & watches.

Selling on The RealReal is effortless. Luxury Managers in 20 U.S. markets consult with consignors in their homes and take the items they wish to sell. Or, consignors may choose to send their items to our warehouse directly for free. Most items sell on the site within three days, and consignors receive payments once a month. Email us at consign@therealreal.com to get started.


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Gosawa delivers unbeatable experiences and shopping at amazing discounts of up to 90% !! Save more and Double the fun!

By becoming a member of Gosawa you won’t just be saving money, but you’ll also be living new experiences and being introduced to new places having the best times of your life at a heavily discounted price.

Download the Gosawa app and start saving on Dining, Spa’s, Activities, Getaways, Shopping & more. Whether you’re shopping for the latest items, looking for somewhere to dine, or dreaming of a weekend Getaway, our app delivers daily deals with discounts you will love, right to your pocket.

When you purchase a deal, it’s available to use immediately! Your relaxing massage, next adventure or meal is only a few clicks away.

With the Gosawa iOS app, you can:
• Buy and redeem Gosawa deals directly from your mobile device.
• Track your purchased coupons by purchase or expiration date.
• Be green and never print another coupon, simply display it on your phone.
• Shop the latest items and have them delivered directly to your door.
• Book hotel getaway packages.
• Share Gosawa deals with your friends and family via social media.

Get the Gosawa app for the best your city has to offer at savings of up to 90% off.


Price: Free
Languages: AR, EN, FR
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Updated: 2017-05-11 22:33:37
Version: 2.7
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消息速遞: 即時推播最新消息、講座活動、門市優惠,好康不漏接。
搜尋便利: 手機掃條碼、關鍵字搜尋商品;門市定位搜尋快速便利。
活動查詢: 全國門市行銷活動、講座活動、會員專屬活動即時掌握。
消費查詢: 線上查詢消費紀錄、紅利點數電子禮券、商品到貨通知。
購物推薦: 線上瀏覽商品資訊,百萬種圖書雜誌百貨商品輕鬆購。


Price: Free
Languages: EN, DE, JA, SE, ZH, ES, ZH
Released: 2013-01-04 21:15:38
Updated: 2017-11-07 22:23:01
Version: 2.2.7
Seller: Digital Kingstone CO. LTD. (金石堂網路書店)
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Create a REWARDS PROGRAM for your business for FREE or view your favorite LOCAL retailers DAILY DEALS, REWARDS and more!

Do you want to support your community by shopping exclusively at locally owned businesses?

If the answer is yes, then Lets Buy Local is for you. You can get instant community alerts, daily deals, unlock special reward offers for ONLY the local businesses YOU shop at!

If you own a local business and want to be able to send your customers instant messages about your business, offer them daily deals and create your own reward program then Let’s Buy Local is a great way to get started for FREE!

It’s perfect for coffee shops, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, boutique retailers, tattoo shops, farmers markets, and more!  

You can create a reward program in less than 5 minutes, the best part is it’s 100% FREE!

You can even manage multiple businesses under the same account!



Price: Free
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Updated: 2014-01-31 15:08:21
Version: 3.1.1
Seller: Smart Innovations LLC (More Than Rewards)
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Big Apple Rewards

CN Brown Rewards puts convenience in the palm of your hand. If you are a CN Brown Rewards member, this is your one-stop-app to view your rewards information wherever you are and take advantage of even more deals and savings. If you are not a CN Brown Rewards member, download this app to access everyday deals.

•Deals – See available deals at participating Big Apple Stores to save even more money.
•Places – See store details, find deals and rewards available at your favorite Big Apple store.
•Rewards – You could earn mobile rewards for checking-in at our stores. Plus, track your CN Brown Rewards.
•Feedback – We value your feedback! Give in-app feedback directly to the people who make the decisions.

But this app offers more than savings and free stuff. It’ll help you discover your next favorite restaurant or hotel. Or that roadside attraction the kids will always remember. We’ve made it easy to search, map, and learn—as well as save—all in the same app.

We think you’ll enjoy it so much you’ll want to tell your friends—so we made it easy to share info on deals and rewards through Facebook, Twitter, and email. And every time you do, you just might win a prize!

Download CN Brown Rewards today!


Note: Savings and reward content is available at participating Big Apple Stores throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.



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Updated: 2017-11-02 13:24:32
Version: 5.7.2
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Price: Free
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Updated: 2013-08-10 16:16:24
Seller: Wang Chunying
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DIADEM Catalogue

Discover how DIADEM® greenroof systems can transform your roof space. Browse through a gallery of completed greenroofs from around the world, or search for individual elements and learn how to build up a greenroof layer by layer, with detailed diagrams and photographs. Covers every component from edging and terraces to hydrotechnology. Provides architects with a portable resource they can use to brief their clients on greenroofs.

The app contains information about the complete range of DIADEM® components and systems. It covers greenroof systems, layer components, hydrotechnology, edging, terraces and complete ranges for safety technology.

You can use it to help you plan a greenroom system, or get inspiration for your project by browsing through:
– complete solutions for greenroofs, roof gardens, for large industrial buildings, shopping centres or family homes, even garages
– typical drawings for architects’ use
– reference images of DIADEM® greenroofs from around the world


Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2013-01-04 01:24:08
Version: 1.0
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Size: 521.55 MB

QSeer Coupon Reader


Wonder what’s in the new coupon barcodes? Had a coupon rejected or fail to double for no reason? Now there’s QSeer, the amazing app that reads these codes and reveals all hidden terms. QSeer is a must-have, money-saving…

… tool for all couponers, from the occasional user to the accomplished extreme couponing master.

The new barcodes on coupons convert all of the important terms into a machine-readable code. The problem for couponers is that these codes are usually different from what is written in English! Until QSeer, couponers were at the mercy of the codes, as you had no way of knowing what the barcodes actually said.

Manufacturers designed this system deliberately so humans would not be able to interpret the codes. QSeer unleashes the power of the iPhone to give you the ability to see what information is hidden in these barcodes and how to use those details to minimize your grocery bill.

QSeer not only reads the new barcodes, it converts them into plain English that you can use to plan your shopping. QSeer helps you match a coupon to the right product size and variety, eliminating those nasty check-out surprises. And it couldn’t be easier to use, as it works automatically with the touch of a single button!

QSeer delivers powerful benefits, such as:

◆ An incredibly easy-to-use app. Press one button, and then hold your iPhone over the coupon barcodes. QSeer does all the rest automatically! While your download does include a professional tutorial, you really will not need it. But if there’s anything that is not clear to you, help is one click away.

◆ Knowing whether your coupons can double or triple (at stores that offer this program). QSeer flashes an alert if a coupon contains a hidden code that suppresses the multiplying bonus!

◆ Identifying whether a coupon is restricted to particular stores or if it can be redeemed anywhere.

◆ Understanding the true purchase requirements. Using proprietary QSeer databases, QSeer is able to match over 98% of coupons to actual store products, so you can plan your shopping with confidence.

◆ Alerting you to errors in the barcode that can cause problems at checkout. The new barcodes are so complicated that more than half have some sort of error. QSeer alerts you to the errors that are likely to prevent a coupon from scanning properly.

◆ Recognizing data privacy concerns. The new coupon codes allow manufacturers to track when you use your coupons and exactly what you buy. They can hide a customer number, an IP address, or even your Social Security number in the barcodes. QSeer will alert you when a coupon contains one of these tracking codes. Note that QSeer does not ask you for any personal info – we only alert you when it is there!

◆ Working anywhere with no data usage. QSeer will not run up your data usage, because it doesn’t need Internet access to operate. It will even automatically activate your iPhone’s flash to work in the dark!

QSeer was built by a team that includes two extreme couponers, a pair of Mathematical geniuses, and a marketing expert who formerly designed coupons for Kraft Foods. QSeer is designed for the needs of couponers by people who truly are experts with coupons.

QSeer is a coupon barcode interpreter. QSeer only reveals the information that is encoded on a coupon without any moral judgment or redemption suggestions. QSeer is not designed to be used as a vehicle for the misredemption of any coupons. QSeer Users are advised to read our End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) for further details.


Price: $1.99 USD
Languages: EN
Released: 2013-01-03 23:34:49
Updated: 2017-10-30 19:38:15
Version: 1.22
Seller: Dusty Wallet, Inc.
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