Kijiji Ads: Shop Local & Save

Take Canada’s #1 classifieds app with you anywhere you go, so you can buy and sell new or used items on the go! Use Kijiji to look for everything from new and used cars, real estate – including homes for sale and rentals, to deals on furniture and more.

Browse classifieds in your area or in other parts of Canada, and find the best deal on for sale items!

The Kijiji Classifieds app empowers you to:

• Buy and sell almost anything!
• Shop for new and used cars, vehicles, auto parts and more
• Find all kinds of furniture, textbooks, baby items, jewelry, and electronics
• Buy or sell real estate including a house, cottage, condo or acreage without a realtor
• Find apartments for rent, or post classifieds to find new tenants
• Adopt pets from registered shelters or breeders
• Post classifieds for your business by posting classifieds in your local area
• Search jobs and start working faster than before!
• Find local tradesmen or service providers, including plumbers, cleaners, childcare or nannies, real estate agents, electricians, and more

Kijiji Features:

Buy and Sell Locally
• Looking to buy a new car? Find the best deal nearby!
• Selling your vehicle? Get a fair price from a buyer in your area.
• Buy from local sellers, and sell to local buyers!
• Search for new and used items, real estate and services in your local area
• Sort results by date, price and distance
• Use GPS to find the closest furniture, cars and more
• Recent Searches allows access your most previous searches quickly

Post and Share Classifieds
• Post classifieds with photos right from your device camera and Photo library
• Share ads for new listings on real estate with your friends and social networks
• Find classifieds for new and used cars for local auto traders
• Manage your classifieds – View, edit, delete and promote your ad
• Buy features such as Bump Up, Top ad, Urgent or Highlight ad by using your credit card

Manage Your Kijiji Account
• Track cars, real estate and more through the one app!
• Sync Watchlists – Sign in and sync your watched items with
• Reply to sellers through email, or call them directly from the app
• Push notifications – Get alerts when buyers message you, or bump up your ad to gain more visibility

Browse categories from:
– New and used cars for sale
– New and used items
– Real estate – homes and apartments for sale and rent
– Jobs
– Pets
– Furniture
– Clothes and more!

Buy and sell new and used items from hundreds of categories, and search through thousands of local classifieds for jobs, new and used cars, real estate properties for sale or rent and much more! Get the things you want faster than ever with Kijiji!

Download now to see what’s for sale!

• Support for both English and French speaking users…/id318979520?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN, FR, DE
Released: 2009-06-24 06:19:01
Updated: 2017-11-06 21:38:15
Version: 8.7.0
Seller: Marktplaats BV
Size: 93.54 MB

Karen Millen Fashion

The Karen Millen app brings the latest fashions from our London-based atelier straight to the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

Born and bred in England, Karen Millen is known globally for creating beautifully crafted fashion for confident women who know their own style.

Each individual piece of our collection has been individually designed, hand-crafted and perfected by our in-house atelier to deliver our signature quality and attention to detail. From couture-inspired techniques to luxurious heritage fabrics, every KM garment has a story to tell.

Key features
• Check store stock online – you can explore the availability of a particular piece at your nearest store.
• Shop the look – Like the whole outfit? You can shop every piece with ‘Shop the look’.
• Delivery to suit you – Shop using our premium delivery options, including evening and weekend deliveries.
• Save for later – Seen something you love? Add it to your Wish List for later or share it with your friends.
• #MYKM – Share your KM style with the #mykm hashtag for a chance to be featured on our website.
• Barcode scanner – Enables you to scan items in store and send them to your Wish List via your app.
• Fit guides – Follow our size guides to find your perfect fit.…/id319788744?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-06-19 03:13:31
Updated: 2016-11-17 09:54:06
Version: 5.3
Seller: Karen Millen Fashions Limited
Size: 13.62 MB

Whole Foods Market

Get the most out of every shopping trip with the Whole Foods Market® app. Browse weekly sales, save your favorite coupons, redeem offers at checkout and find store hours and events.

Explore New Offers
Get digital coupons for exclusive savings and see what’s on sale near you to stock up on what you love.

Plan Your Shop
With the Favorites feature, you can save your favorite coupons to make it even easier to organize your offers and find them later.

Save at Checkout
Scan the barcode on your app or provide your phone number at checkout to redeem coupons at the register.

Share the Experience
Purchase a gift card to send via snail mail, email, or text – straight from the app.

Your Store
Find store locations, hours, special events and more near you.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for the app, we’d love to here from you. Please email us at

In order to provide reminders for special offers, this app may request location permission.…/id320029256?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: EN
Released: 2009-06-17 19:13:09
Updated: 2017-10-30 15:25:05
Version: 9.1.0
Seller: Whole Foods Market Services, Inc.
Size: 110.46 MB





・楽天商品検索アプリ「楽天検索 Drop Search」

・このアプリは「Webサービス by Yahoo! JAPAN」を利用しております。
・「ATOK」および「ATOK Pad」は、株式会社ジャストシステムの登録商標または商標です。

ヤフオク オークション ショッピング アマゾン 楽天 amazon yahoo shopping…/id318547839?mt=8&uo=4

Price: Free
Languages: JA
Released: 2009-06-07 21:54:11
Updated: 2013-12-20 21:18:54
Version: 2.2.2
Seller: 信仁 Sumitomo
Size: 1.93 MB